Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sound Magic 3: A Taste of The Thumbless Hitchhikers

there is no possible way this quote is wrong.

A Taste of The Thumbless Hitchhikers

No new original tunes this week, but I did shake the rust off  my recording chops, and haul half my studio over to the shed to get our usual Wednesday night jam session on "tape".

Not literal tape of course, because that would require that I spend a fortune on a tape machine, and also haul the 300 lb beast into the shed. Two items that are impossible, and far too sweaty, respectively.

What you are listening to is a one minute and forty second excerpt of my band, The Thumbless Hitchhikers jamming on selected riffs from "Fearless" by Pink Floyd, and "Loving Cup" by The Rolling Stones.

The whole thing is like 45 minutes long. This is the downside of being so cheap as to have resolved to run this website for $0. Were I a spending man, I'd have to cough up some serious dough to post more than two or three of our jam-fusion-odysseys. Soundcloud is really cool and all, but they are clearly biased against jam bands, because they charge by the minute (beyond your free allocation of minutes as a "guest" user). Man, sometimes it takes us 15 minutes just to figure out what song we're playing, LOL :-)

I'm not gonna lie though ... that 45 minutes had a few mistakes here and there, though on the whole it was amazing. This is definitely the best minute forty of the whole night. It was one of those moments where I'm mixing it and just kinda listening and casually riding the faders, then I'm like "whoa ... what was THAT?", and then I back it up and play it like 10 more times.

Sound Magic the third. Sometimes you don't even know how great it was until you listen to it the next day.

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