Sunday, August 19, 2012

Dancing Broken (knowledge of self mix)

I don't think I can even caption this effectively.
As I noted a few weeks ago, it has been repeatedly necessary for me to visit the local upscale outdoor shopping mall in town. For one thing, they have the only Apple store within at least 100 miles. For another thing, this community is far too small to support three shopping malls, and so most of the good stores have abandoned the other two in favor of this newfangled hotness.

And I do mean "hotness" literally, because the mental giants who designed this place gave it zero shade ... not even a breeze. With the summer we had, it was essentially: Death Valley with shops.  Getting to the point ... the picture above, is of a compromise the mall's designers put in. It's like ... basically some sprinklers that you can bring your kids to, and they can run through them while one parental unit looks on, and the other goes to the shops.

So there's this kid, and ... God bless him, 'cause I'd have done this exact thing at his age. He has discovered that if he straddles it just right, he can use the deflective power of his booty to create a right angle spray pattern ... thereby hosing down his counterparts and unsuspecting passers by. Of course he's also washing out his butthole in the process ... which is pretty damn gross, and does not go unnoticed, by what I presume to probably be his sister ... who (though you can't really tell it from my crappy cell phone picture ... is making the funniest face of disgust I have ever seen.

Anyhow ... on a completely unrelated note, I decided to do a ccmixter remix, which I haven't done in about 3 or 4 years now.  Not really dubstep ... just like ... heavy dub I guess. It's sloppy, but fun, and ... yeah crank dat bass, yo! I like to think this is a good "get down" soundtrack for that kid butt-blastin' everyone at the fountain in the mall, y'know?

Dancing Broken (knowledge of self mix) by plurgid

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