Thursday, April 5, 2012

Mixed & Mastered @ BootyQuake.

downloads are free, CDs also free (at the shows!)

I'm mighty proud of this y'all!

This three song demo is something that my band, The Thumbless Hitchhikers, has been working on in earnest for the past month or so.

In addition to playing keys, I engineered, mixed and mastered it ... and you can tell ... dem drums on LA Woman! (LOL). It was a learning experience, and I've gotta say the sounds we did get, while not perfect, are fo' sho' pretty damn great.

We're gearing up to hit the gig circuit around town pretty hard. It promises to be a jammy summer, my peeps!

You can download the demo for free off our bandcamp page, or just give it a listen right here:

'Course if you're a true fan, you'll want a physical disk for your retro CD collection. You can get those at our shows!

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