Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Birthday Beats

Birthday Beats

"This is a narrative of very heavy-duty proportions." - Dr. Teeth

I couldn't have asked for a more fantastic birthday weekend. The show at the Madison Street Festival was a blast. The weather was perfect. My kids got to see me play, and they dug our show, except "Opossum" -- I guess having your dad's band belt out an ode to a dead opossum in the road is just a bridge too far for the Hannah Montanna crowd, LOL.

The only unfortunate aspect was that my actual birthday (Monday) was as horrible at work as the weekend was transcendent. But what you gonna do? I suppose Red Forman was right "if it was fun they wouldn't call it work".

Kelly got me the Wobble virtual instrument for my birthday (she's a pretty cool wife!). Not that I don't already have a descent collection of dubby nastification tools, but this one has a neat tempo sync'd step sequencer feature that one can use to drive not only arpeggiator style note sequences, but also (and more interestingly) all the virtual instrument's parameters. I played around with it a little bit last night. It's clearly intended for non-ninja type users, and I actually appreciate the limitation of that. What it does it does pretty well, and lets you get right to it. What it doesn't do ... well I've already got FM8, Reaktor, etc, etc, if I want to get nitty about my gritty. I put together this quick little beat just messing around with it out of the box last night.

Birthday Beats! There you have it!
We have a minimum of 1 birthday per-week in the Hicox crew until Christmas.
It's that most wonderfully (expensive) time of year.
Wub. WubWubWub ... Wuuuuuuuuuuuub.

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