Sunday, March 20, 2011



"It's like mother nature is makin' sweet love to the breeze while all the little fishies groove on it" - Bender "Bending" Rodriguez

It's the first day of spring here in Huntsville, Alabama. It's that magical bepollen'd span of about 6 weeks between "I can't feel my toes" and "I just soaked my car seat with ass-sweat" ... and it is absolutely gorgeous.

I wrote this song almost exactly a year ago. As the name implies, it is a celebration of the returning yearly crescendo of life ... and being open to that in a particularly cosmic way. This is the first song I ever did where didn't resort to canned drum loops ... those are real drums, though I did cheat a little, by making my own loops :-)

Oh, also, that picture was taken from my front yard ... actually around the same time as I was writing this. It's not photoshopped, it was really that vivid. It was all the way across the sky. I do not know what it means, but I did write a song about it.

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