Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Mellow Sturgeon: a Canine Odyssey in Two Parts

The Mellow Sturgeon

Whatever it is dogs dream about, this is the soundtrack.

This is a chilly chill remix of a jam my band does called "The Murky Sturgeon", a rocking number indeed. This one, not so much.

It has some cool stuff. First, tempo-synced lawn sprinkler samples. Clearly "I haz them", so let's just get past that obvious bit of awesomeness. The plucky guitar sound is not a guitar. It is a "vintage" Yamaha FB-01, that I've had since I was like 15. The clicky evolving thing is the game of life running inside reaktor. It also has me, playing a real trumpet, into my new-ish ribbon mic. Though it sounds like a drum machine, that's me playing actual drums, intentionally trying to get the raunchiest room sound possible, then running it through the effects.

This song was written by Wayne Thompson of the Thumbless Hitchhikers. I'm appropriating it here for my own chilled out purposes, but if you wanna know the dude who really wrote it, that's your guy.

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