Sunday, February 27, 2011

Attack & Release

Attack and Release

Spring is returning in Huntsville, and like the birds who've nested in the gutters above the window here in my awesome little home studio area, the warmer temperatures have set off a fury of activity.

In the past week, I've relocated Studio BootyQuake to one of my upstairs spare bedrooms. Appropriately, it now has an adjoined bathroom, in case ... you know ... I manage to set of an actual "bootyquake". It's now a very groovy space, as compared to the front room. I've got mood-lighting, and about twice the space. Why didn't I do this years ago? Simple: laziness. Which brings me back to the topic at hand, which is to say, my general lack of laziness since the weather turned a few weeks ago. It's got me doing all kinda stuff. Like setting this thing up. What am I doing?

The thing is I haven't had a place to post music since, well ... since I got too lazy to run my own website. Over the years my day job got the best of my interest in computeritizing. Basically I do not want to screw around with computers at a work-esque level, if I'm not at work. Patching linux and packages on my ancient sun hardware, was no longer an appealing activity to say the least. So I just turned it off one day. Then I discovered dropbox and that meant I could post music-size files with impunity. Then the light went off and I thought to myself, I could use two free, low maintenance things to put up a proper music blog again.

So, that is what I've done here. This is of course the part where I'd say something like "well I'm planning on making frequent posts of music and engrossing tales of making such". But, really I've got no idea if I'll really follow through. There was a time, when I was mega into blogging ... a little thing called, maybe you've heard of it? I had about 12 readers at one time (no that's the actual number I found via google analytics back in the day).

Facebook just sorta ruined the whole long form blogging thing for me, with it's always on, incessant drumbeat of real-time interaction, and sharing of stories in 420 characters or less. Its addictive, and it does fill the void that blogging used to fall into for me. I think I'm worse for it, because for whatever reasons the blogging activity filled a cognitive space, for me, similar to meditation perhaps. It was a time set aside to process recent events, summarize them ... to choose words to describe them.

So the song, what is this. This is a demo of a song I wrote for my band, the Thumbless Hitchhikers called Attack & Release. It never really found uptake with the band, and so it's been hanging around on my hard drive for about a year now. I wrote in the spring, actually about this time last year, just prior to some really heavy shit that went down healthwise. Next time, I may perhaps regale you of either a song I wrote during that heavy shit, or one I wrote right after it was over.